About Us

Growing from our early beginnings in the 1980’s as a small in-house laboratory that monitored quality control and feedstuff analysis for Daco Laboratories, Stratford Agri Analysis has become a nationally recognized provider of feedstuff analysis. Farmers and animal nutritionist rely on our analysis as vital tools for balancing livestock rations.

In 1994 we received our OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) accreditation as a soil analysis laboratory and rapidly became recognized as a leader in site-specific soil sampling and field mapping. To date we have sampled over ½ million acres for Ontario farmers. Our independent fertility recommendations for field crops are reviewed by a Certified Crop Advisor for accuracy.

As we continued to grow, in 2002 we offered a greenhouse nutrient solution monitoring service. We now make weekly pickups in the Leamington area as a service to our customers.

As an independent laboratory we are proud of our accomplishments in the service of agriculture but prouder still of our many loyal customers who trust us to provide them with prompt, accurate results every time.

Service and Quality Make the Difference!