CBC Editorial

September 4th, 2008

"Soil testing is one of the best risk management tools available to manage agronomic, economic and environmental risk"
says Kryzanowski of Alberta Ag.

"Knowing what your soil test levels are eliminates the guessing for both fertilizers and manure nutrients."
"Now, when soil is cool but not yet frozen is the best time of year for fall soil sampling and testing" says Kryzanowski

"For fall applications, you save immediately by only applying the nutrients you need. If you'll be applying in the spring, you can use the soil test results help to devise a cropping strategy to maximize returns."

"And this is no small change. You can save thousands of dollars by the effective management of your fertilizer investment," he says

"Those of us who promote soil testing sometimes sound like a broken record season after season, year after year, we recite the merits of this practice. But the reasons for testing get stronger with every rise in fertilizer prices and change in crop prices."

"The money you put into the ground to grow a crop is always at risk. Who knows what commodity prices will be like a year from now? Who knows if you'll even have a crop to sell?"

"One thing is certain: Any money you save by reducing costs is yours to keep and optimizing productivity improves your opportunity for profit" says Kryzanowski